A Complete Process Integration Model (PIM©) for your Organization

A PIM is a picture of how the processes in your organization work together and align with each other. We use this template to model your organization and to work with you to ensure that every process is working properly.

The Shape of the Generic Process Integration Model

  1. As you can see from the Model, the fundamental ring consists of Knowledge Management Processes related to information and communications management;
  2. This is followed by Support Processes that provide the organization’s working relationships;
  3. Then, there are Core Processes that are universal to most, if not all, organizations, large and small;
  4. Values follow as an all-essential context for the organization’s cohesiveness; and
  5. Finally, the organization’s Core Competency defines the organization’s unique role.

We have designed Process Learning Modules that relate to each of the various elements of the PIM, thus providing a fundamental understanding of how to manage each one.

For a Summary List, see Process Leadership Immersion

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