Process Leadership Immersion Program

A Process Leader may be called upon to perform one or more of the following functions in an organization:

  • Facilitating work groups using appropriate processes
  • Owning and managing of one or more processes
  • Coaching other Facilitators and Process Leaders
  • Helping align the management processes of the organization
  • Providing guidance to executive management on process improvement

RANA's Process Leadership Immersion Program is designed to instill the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to excel in all of these roles.

The entry into the program is initial training in the basics:

  • Process Leadership 1: the Processes, Techniques and Logistics of Facilitating Work Groups
  • Process Leadership 2: Process Management and Intervention
  • Process Leadership 3: Application Studies
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    Other workshops listed below support elements in your organization's Process Integration Model or further enable your development as a Process Leader.

    Summary List of our Process Leadership Workshops

    Values Orientation (Social-Emotional Skills, SES)

    The Gold Standard for Effective Management Behaviours

    This workshop provides a framework for developing the organization’s qualities of emotional intelligence, mentoring, coaching and values orientation. Learning takes place in teams made up of managers with their charges and is best performed as a Cascade of Learning down and throughout the organization.

    Core Processes

    Core Process 1: Business Planning, Strategic and Operational

    This workshop provides the framework for any organization to develop its:

    • Core Competency, or the unique nature of the organization
    • Strategic directions, mission, vision, key result areas, priorities and overall objectives
    • Operational Plans with measurable goals, controls and target dates
    Core Process 2: Human Resource Planning

    This workshop seeks to ensure that employed and contracted staff have the necessary knowledge, skills, and motivation (KSM) to work effectively. It emphasizes the support necessary for staff to be accountable for key processes and to manage and operate an organization that is subject to constant change.

    Core Process 3: Financial Planning

    This workshop ensures that the organization has the necessary monetary resources to deliver on its Business Plan and also knows how to manage them.

    Core Process 4: Delivery Planning

    This workshop focuses on the means necessary to deliver on the mission. 

    Core Process 5: Markets Planning

    This workshop deals with the processes by which the organization promotes its products and services to its target marketplace in a manner designed to assure consistent and on-going demand.

    Core Process 6: Governance Planning

    This workshop concentrates on those processes by which the organization governs itself and ensures visibility, clarity and effective Performance.

    Core Process 7: Performance Planning

    This workshop focuses on how the organization measures and reports on its effectiveness individually and organizationally based on standards and selected metrics, as set by its various other plans.

    Support Processes

    Support Process 1: Issues Management

    This workshop deals with the management of issues as a necessary adjunct to the Business Planning Process. Issues Management is the process by which the organization identifies and manages situations – often called crises – that are disruptive to its ongoing strategy or operations.

    Support Process 2: Project Management

    This workshop focuses on those time and resource limited tasks that are necessary for the organization’s continuing success.

    Support Process 3: Risk Management

    This workshop lays out the process by which the organization conducts risk assessments on its own organization, its suppliers and its clients.

    Support Process 4: Asset Management

    This workshop provides the processes by which the organization manages its physical assets, including materials management and control.

    Support Process 5: Program Management

    This workshop examines the process by which the organization manages ongoing and structured activities with a common theme – i.e., a program – to ensure consistent service and products to its clients. 

    Support Process 6: Quality Management

    This workshop focuses on the set of processes contained within a Quality Management System by which the organization assesses the quality of its products and services to ensure that its activities, programs and resources conform to recognized standards and measure up to client needs.

    Support Process 7: Product and Service Management

    This workshop focuses on the process by which the organization identifies the most appropriate life cycle for its products and services and manages this time frame from conception to ultimate disposal.

    Support Process 8: Safety Management

    This workshop focuses on the set of processes contained within a Safety Management System, by which the organization assesses its workplace to ensure that it has in place the necessary and required health, safety and wellness measures to prevent adverse outcomes and to mitigate risks to its employees, to its community and to the environment. 

    Support Process 9: Change Management

    This workshop provides client organizations with the processes to anticipate, plan and implement changes that are deemed necessary and valuable.

    Support Process 10: Productivity Management

    This workshop focuses on the how the organization uses human interactions and essential connections as the means to ensure that the essential work of the organization is conducted with maximum human effectiveness.

    Knowledge Processes

    Knowledge Processes 1, 2, and 3

    These workshops deal with the set of processes by which the organization manages its knowledge, including its cultural information, its information flows, its organizational information and its technology.

    Enabling Workshops

    The RANA Process Leadership Immersion Program is supported by Enabling Workshops as follows, all based on needed process skills.

    Enabling Workshop 1: Adult Learning and Design

    This workshop provides clients within an organization with the skills to design, develop, implement and evaluate learning events and training programs, including learner certifications.

    Enabling Workshop 2: Building Effective Work Teams

    This workshop helps develop high performing and self-directed teams in support of delivering on the strategic and operational requirements of the organization.

    Enabling Workshop 3: Conflict Resolution

    This workshop provides client organizations with the skills to pre-empt and resolve workplace conflicts.  

    Enabling Workshop 4: Effective Presentations

    This workshop provides managers of client organizations with the skills to design and deliver presentations to a varied audience aimed at achieving a high level of understanding.

    Enabling Workshop 5: TimePlan© for Executives

    This workshop provides the executives of client organizations with the tools to manage their time and priorities effectively. 


    RANA’s extensive process database allows us to provide workshops in a broad range of governance and management processes. We also help organizations align their training with their very own Process Integration Model (PIM©). Thus the PIM helps the organization understand and improve how its people are working and how managers need to support them. Facilitators then truly become the Process Leaders who support and lead the organization’s continuous drive to do things better and better.

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