The world is filled with consultants who will tell a client what to do and how to do it. RANA’s way differs:

1. We assess: with the help of our client’s people we assess the organization’s processes and create a model for managing that everyone can buy into;

2. We train: we train our client’s most talented people in how to facilitate and bring about changes to the organization’s way of managing processes;

3. We facilitate: we guide the organization’s facilitators as they help their people understand, organize and set up for effective process management;

4. We coach everyone who needs it in the strategy of the RANA Way, to help them keep focused on the end goal: effective process management;

5. We help the organization measure the results in real terms: time and money.

We at RANA understand our relationship with a client as a curve that starts with an opening process diagnosis, called a Process Probe. This copyrighted approach is facilitated by RANA, engages key representatives from the various parts of your organization and produces what is called a Process Integration Model or PIM. A PIM is a representation of how the processes in the client organization are organized from general to specific:

• The Core Competency (the unique activity of the organization);
• The Context of the organization (its driving values);
• Core Processes (those processes that are essential for the organization to survive)
• Support Processes (those processes that add value to the organization’s activities); and
• Foundational Processes (the knowledge that the organization uses to function).

This provides the basis for the rest of the work. RANA then:

1. Helps the organization select a group of talented people who will help facilitate the changes needed to improve productivity and growth;
2. Trains the facilitators in how to help the organization’s people understand, simplify and make changes to processes as needed;
3. Guides the facilitators in their work session activity and ensures connectivity between the sessions;
4. Provides guidance and coaching to Executive and Senior management in how to support the ongoing work;
5. From the very first day, helps the organization how to measure the impact of the changes taking place;
6. Monitors how well the organization is doing in the short term and sets up the means for the organization to do its own monitoring longer term;
7. Provides process support in the form of RANA’s extensive data base of process recipes, when the organization needs new or replacement approaches to work.

So, RANA’s relationship can be short, because we have an immediate effect or can be longer term, if the client so desires it. However, RANA’s goal will always be to ensure that the client’s people are leading the charge: we are there to transfer our knowledge, skills and motivation to them. Years later, we still get calls from those people who became the senior leaders in their organization, based on what they learned from RANA.