Intervention is the primary tool of Organizational Development, which in turn is the planned and systematic introduction of change into an organization. Intervenors may:

  • Facilitate teams of people through work sessions ranging from business planning to risk assessments, to consensus seeking on contentious issues;
  • Act as moderators to bring about large group consensus, especially for bridging gaps between parties with diverging groups;
  • Act as neutral third parties in gathering information about the organization;
  • Provide training to target groups of learners aimed at making a change in the culture of an organization;
  • Act as process consultants to guide the organization in understanding, defining, mapping and integrating its management processes.

In addition, intervenors will need to:

  • Design the underlying processes necessary to support facilitated or moderated sessions, training events, or interventions; Provide mentoring or coaching to those who are playing pivotal roles in bringing about change in the organization through their own interventions;
  • Provide process advice as needed and in support of change interventions in the organization.