Life is a Series of Meetings


Life is a series of meetings with myself, with another, with the team around me, with the organization I’m a part of:

  • Meetings are an integral part of my life.
  • My success in meetings largely determines my success in life.
  • I wish all of my meetings to benefit from a positive field and I work hard at creating the field wherever I go.
  • Attending a class, taking the bus to work, buying a hamburger, mowing the lawn are all opportunities for meetings.


1.      Achieve meeting awareness:

List and identify the nature of the meetings you’re having, why you’re having them, what result you wish to achieve, how you are going to generate a positive field, and how you wish to feel during and after the meeting.

2.      Prepare:

Choose the mindset and behavior needed to feed the positive field.

3.      Carry out:

Go through the meeting with a complete awareness of the field and what you are trying to achieve with it.

4.      Itemize a response:

At the end of the meeting, determine what has gone well, and what concerns you have with your mindset, behavior and field.


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