Integration Architecture Comparison

The following table compares process integration architecture.  Generation 1 is system-based and is sold as an over-night intervention; Generation 2 is people-based and brought about by well planned management of change.

GENERATION 1: Coercive characterized by large systems installations, i.e. “My way or the highway”…

GENERATION 2: Permissive characterized by respect of those working in the organization and how they do things…

•        a complete system, free standing

•        made up of the software that people in the organization are currently using

•        forces behaviors of  users

•        adapts to user behavior

•        human interaction continues to be an afterthought

•        human interaction drives the integration of system: what people do is actually the system

•        oriented towards past use and data

•        oriented towards future use and information

•        limited to system capability

•        limited only by size and scope of data warehouse: infinitely extensible

•        builds on unsustainable infrastructure: systems gurus control the applications

•        builds on multi-stakeholder infrastructure: people become the systems gurus

•        characterized by the establishment of a large integrating software application costing millions of dollars to install and operate

•        characterized by coordinating the integration of small, user friendly applications


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