Future Pull


In management terms, Future Pull means having the organization’s vision drive its growth and development. Future Pull allows supplementing the description of the organization’s future state (“Here’s where we want to be”) with the identification of its emotional intelligence (“Here’s how we want to feel”).


1.      Identify future feelings:

For each of the elements of the future state, dialogue with the team and identify corresponding feelings, e.g.:

  • We will be the highest volume sales group in the country.
  • We will feel successful, proactive and highly supportive of each other’s efforts.

2.      Identify behaviors needed:

For each of the statements of feelings, describe the behaviors needed to achieve the feeling, e.g.: 

  • We will need to set performance targets.
  • We will need to hold daily team meetings to help each other out.

3.      Link to values:

Make the linkages to the future values to be espoused and make operational in the organization, e.g.:

  • We believe in the ability of all of our team members to excel.
  • As a team, we believe in providing each other with the support needed to perform well.


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