Outline of a Core Consultancy Group


A Core Consultancy Group (CCG) is a group of like-minded professionals consisting of, for example, a facilitator, lawyer, accountant and banker, who assist those small to medium businesses not yet large enough to have a Board of Directors. Each member of the Core Consultancy Group brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and motivation from their specific backgrounds as content experts to assist the target group of entrepreneurs. The CCG would meet with each target group (of 15-20) entrepreneurs once a month or bi-weekly to address any of the questions the group might have, facilitate discussions and, possibly, field guest speakers. The CCG would provide a unique service and experience could be expanded to other sectors of the economy or locations with little effort.


The CCG provides a service to the small to medium sized businesses that they would not necessarily be able to afford or have at their disposal, i.e.:

  • The guidance and input of a group of professionals and colleagues who would act in some respects as a Board of Directors;
  • The opportunity to network among like-minded entrepreneurs;
  • The ability to consult with the content experts on matters pertaining to specific situations;
  • The ability to creatively resolve problems with input from content experts, etc.

This particular scenario can be replicated by any sector of the economy, special interest parties, language groups, franchise ownership, strip malls or enclosed mall membership, ethnic background, location or any way that entrepreneurs would come together to use such services.


The entrepreneurs receive advice from professionals, whose services they might not be able to afford; problem solve or discuss ideas in a team environment; participate as a team member and network; discuss potential projects confidentially and so on. This happens in a structured, facilitated environment in which the participants gain knowledge, skills and motivation to apply in their workplace. The CCG creates an environment for the participants to establish visibility (transparent understanding of sessions), clarity (clear and measurable results of sessions) and relationships (working as part of a team).


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