Our Process Consultation Services


To provide expert counseling and advice to client organizations aimed at improving the flow and alignment of their business processes.  


RANA works in the field of Organization Development, the continuous transformation effort to respond to the environment in which the organization operates. As such, we aim at providing the client organization with the best opportunity to make effective use of its management processes. This may range from how to set up the steps of an effective Business Planning cycle, to aligning organizational projects to the Business Plan, to establishing the mechanisms for conflict reduction and culture harmonization inside the organization.

How It Works


  1. Fields expert consultants who provide the organization with the context and information needed to make key decisions on management practices and processes
  2. Assists the organization in understanding how its management processes integrate into a system of “the way things need to be done”
  3. Helps the organization select, simplify and integrate its processes through learning and facilitation as required


  1. Provides the organization with expert advice on how to do things
  2. Ensures the integration of management practices and processes
  3. Provides an operating model of the organization’s business processes
  4. Focuses the organization’s attention on how to do things well
  5. Opens the door for just-in-time corrections to the way things are done
  6. Aligns the organization’s processes to its business strategy
  7. Short circuits the need for extensive research into how to do things

RANA’s Process Consultation Services and Products

RANA’s Process Consultation Services and Products range across the entire inventory of management processes and are contained in our extensive process data base of Process Integration Models (PIM©).

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