Our Process Coaching Services


To provide personalized social-emotional skills (SES) to the managers of the organization.   


It has been said, rightly, that “changes happen one person at a time.” Some managers in organization may not have benefited from process learning in the past and need help to manage their operation. RANA’s coaching service, entitled the Gold Standard©, is aimed at helping such managers with learning customized to their unique skills gap. It is also aimed at helping managers direct and support the change process taking place inside their organization.

How It Works


  1. Fields coaches who provide managers with a series of structured exercises aimed at improving their interactive skills as they manage the organization’s processes
  2. Ensures that the skills acquired by the manager align well with both her or his style and the needs of the organization
  3. Provides for further growth to ensure the full functionality of the person


  1. Provides the organization with skilled process managers at all levels;  
  2. Respects the learning and managing style of each participant;
  3. Ensures confidentiality aimed at preserving the dignity of the individual;
  4. Focuses only on the person’s gap in skills;
  5. Engages the participant in meaningful dialogue;
  6. Ensures the longevity of the skills being transferred;
  7. Closes the learning loop at the end of the coaching period.

RANA’s Process Coaching Service

RANA’s Process Coaching Service is based on two Gold Standard©  manuals: Concepts and Applications, through which customized skills transfer takes place.

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