About Us


One of RANA’s Corporate Values is to nurture high quality relationships with all of our affiliates and stakeholders, particularly diverse communities of race, culture or lifestyle. We value the opportunity to strengthen our understanding of the communities we seek to help.

At RANA we support diversityequity and inclusion in the workplace as a means to living our values.

RANA Development’s Missions

Operational Mission

RANA intervenes in the management processes of client organizations, aimed at bringing them to a higher standard of effectiveness.

Development Mission

RANA develops individuals and companies with compatible beliefs so that they can operate effectively as RANA partners and affiliates.  

RANA’s Background

RANA has been a federally incorporated 100% Canadian owned company since 1993. It has international affiliations, offering integrated organizational and management development services in Canada, South America, the United States and Europe. We are a matrix of principals, affiliated consultants and corporate partners, all of whom have extensive experience as Process consultants and Organization development experts working in government, industry, and the NGO sectors. We are well-versed in all aspects of developing an organization’s governance and/or management and delivery processes.

The RANA Story

RANA was founded by Paul H.J. Cormier, B.A, M.A., M.Ed. His background as a Psycholinguist led to an interest in the architecture of human communications.  Based on the notion that behaviour affects language and vice-versa,  research and practice led Mr. Cormier to being influenced by some of North America’s leading thinkers on how individuals and organizations behave. Among many other greats, George Prince’s ground-breaking work in Synectics (group-based problem solving) and theory of behavioural discount and revenge are seminal in understanding and influencing group dynamics. Charles Kepner and Ben Tregoe gave Western society the notion of process universals. Robert Birt led the international charge for design and intervention in Community-Based Conflict Resolution (CBCR).

Process Consulting is the primary feature of RANA’s services.  The most rigorous and transparent of consulting models, Process Consulting is based on Edgar Schein’s work and provides the client with an accountable framework for identifying and solving organizational problems, integrating business processes and managing human and systems relationships in the workplace.

This integrated knowledge and skill has made RANA a leader in developing and applying organizational development processes to meet the challenges in today’s marketplace and socio-economic environment.

RANA’s Reputation

RANA’s success and reputation stem from…

  • Understanding the unique context of its clients and responding specifically to their needs
  • Grasping the issues that are likely to arise in complex projects
  • Using a strong Integrated Project Management approach to guide client projects to success
  • Commitment to the principle that effective relationships are the cornerstone of RANA’s success
  • Our emphasis on the RANA Research and Development function and developing simple, powerful and accessible processes and approaches
  • Client engagement at every step of the process to ensure there is ownership of the results
  • Experienced and dedicated consultants
  • Commitment to the principles of quality management and to continuous improvement

More About RANA

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