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People + Processes = Performance

RANA makes people’s business life a little easier everywhere we go.

Process AssessmentWe do a preliminary scan of your processes…

Process Owner IdentificationWe identify an owner for each of your processes…

Process Owner TrainingWe train the owners in managing their processes…

Integrate ProcessesWe help the owners integrate their processes…

Process Integration Model (PIM)Together, we develop the process model for the organization…

Organizational Roll-outWe help you change the organizations’ approach to managing its processes…

We will help you to transform your organization’s results.

We help your people change the way you do things.



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Assess – Consult – Integrate – Organize – Measure

Our diverse team fields talent from a range of consulting and technical disciplines to help you improve the way you do things and measure your results.

“I don’t see things the same way ever since RANA showed us the way…”

“We have control of our processes for the very first time…”

“Our business is clear; and everyone knows what to do and how to do it…”

Latest Blogs

We share our thoughts on process consulting, facilitation and the best ways to measure your improvements.

The RANA Way of Process Management

by Paul Cormier • May 1, 2019

The world is filled with consultants who will tell a client what to do and how to do it. RANA’s way differs: 1. We assess: with the help of our client’s people we assess the organization’s processes and create a model for managing that everyone can buy into; 2. We train: we train our client’s […]